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About Us

CCD Inc DBA Enable Health was launched to provide affordable technology solutions utilizing a customized value-added approach towards increasing the overall profitability of our clients through effective implementation of technology.

We provide technology solutions directly to our clients, many times in coordination with third-party program coordinators. We do offer program discounts as well as special payment programs and terms to qualified parties. We support our clients by providing high quality solutions, services at aggressive pricing, and we have been proven to harness the efficiencies of technology to provide our customers with:

• Exceptional Customer Service and Customized Support Programs
• Customized Implementation of EHR and turnkey solutions.
• Coordinated Project Management and Program Rollout Services
• Managed Logistics and Quick Delivery


CCD Inc DBA Enable Health is a vertically-focused IT solution provider, bringing to market a complete suite of industry-specific and patient-facing technology offerings. With service capabilities ranging from basic hardware configuration to advanced solution design, implementation, custom support with enhanced warranty, as well as various financing options, CCD Inc DBA Enable Health is a highly-responsive and customer-driven company solving the IT needs of medical and related organizations of small and medium sizes.
By focusing on a distinct and well-structured core competency based service offering, CCD Inc DBA Enable Health focuses on adding more overall strategic value to its clients. Our Integrated Core Service Offering consists of many rock-solid competencies designed to leverage technology to meet our customer’s needs, and provide the foundation for solutions geared towards our clients business goals and objectives.

Specializing in distributed technology infrastructure solutions which create order from the confusion of ever-changing technology and also optimize clients’ return on investment, our mission is to provide customers with the greatest value through our suite of services and strategic partners. We strategically align our core competencies with our business partners to offer custom integrated solutions based on best practices in the following areas: Professional IT Services, Strategic Lifecycle Services, and Selective Outsourcing Services.

We enable our clients to get the most out of their technology by helping them plan, design, migrate and manage their IT infrastructure to meet the needs of their business goals and objectives. We have the resources and expertise necessary to provide solutions that range from selective outsourcing of traditional desktop support functions to total management of distributed self-service environments.


Simply making a commitment to excel in the information technology industry just isn’t enough anymore. In order to offer clients and business partners optimal value, CCD Inc DBA Enable Health follows a formalized, structured, and predetermined approach to internal business practices and, just as importantly, to our client engagements. Over the years, this approach has proven to be successful in differentiating successful integrators from those who have failed to provide value to their clients.

Visually represented below, CCD Inc DBA Enable Health adds considerable value to its strategic client relationships by utilizing a structured and proven Client Engagement Methodology which consists of a core six-phase repeatable process.

Each phase is critically important to the outcome of any project or client engagement, and ultimately affects the value realized by each client that we serve. By leveraging documented and Repeatable Best Practices, the methodology ensures that the overall business relationship between CCD Inc DBA Enable Health and our clients is in a constant state of value-driven activities, creating Customized Solutions which are pertinent to the clients’ strategic direction, and capturing Continuous Improvements which are then funneled back into the client organization as valuable output.

In a constantly changing technology-oriented industry, business partners want solution providers who understand the importance of strategic planning to ensure quality within its organization.

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